Privacy Policy

  1. All contracts are Non-Contingent, As-Is with a Non-Refundable EMD
    1. We always guarantee marketable title
    2. If anything comes back with monetary issues or title issues, you are not responsible for anything & refunded EMD.
  2. Our contracts Are Non-Assignable
  3. Buyer Covers All Closing Costs other than Transfer Taxes and Recording Fees, which are split 50/50
  4. We close with our title company.
    1. Reasons:
      1. Continuity with seller
      2. Streamlined process
      3. Any problems, contact me directly. Our title company is fantastic and any special requests, we will do our absolute best to accommodate
      4. ** Lastly we need a title company that will look out for the Best Interest of ALL parties: Investor, seller, and us not just the best interest of the investor.
        1. We have almost lost deals for trying to use other title co.-> lack of responsiveness -> trying to cut us out of deals
  5. EMD is held in Escrow with our Title Company, we do $3,000.00 for every $100,000.00 of the purchase price but never under $3,000.00.
  6. On Marketing there is always a “Buy It Now Price”
    1. The Buy It Now Price is meant to avoid any bidding wars. If this price is met, then we guarantee to send a contract out electronically.
    2. If the offer is not at Buy it Now Price, we will consider it and review all offers 24-48 hours after Showing.
  7. Realtors/ Wholesaler – Making sure to get paid
    1. Per our “Buy it Now” Price to guarantee a contract we need to net that price
    2. Make sure to tack on your fee on top, we don’t care how much $$$ you make!
    3. If for any reason your offer comes in where we will Net less than Buy it Now, ALWAYS suggest you submit your offer just inform what fee you are looking for, we would not be able to guarantee a contract but will consider all offers if we do not sell property at the Buy it Now Price in a timely fashion
  8. Accepting Offer
    1. As soon as the contract is ratified the Buyer then goes into Grace Period.
    2. Grace Period- the Buyer shall have 2 Business hours to submit proof of Initiation of Wire or deposit.
    3. Proof of Wire Initiation can be done through a picture text to the Sales Agent or to their email
    4. If Proof of EMD Wire has not been submitted by the 2 Business Hours then out of Grace Period Seller Has the Option to Accept Offers or Renegotiate Price.
    5. Business Hours = 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F

Changes to our Closing Policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us with the information on our contact page.

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